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Hepatitis Drugs Adapted to Symptoms and Types

Hepatitis is a disease that attacks the liver which is generally caused by a virus. There are five types of hepatitis named alphabetically namely hepatitis A, B, C, D, and E. The administration of hepatitis drugs aims to fight the virus and prevent liver damage. Although named alphabetically, these types of hepatitis have different characteristics and are not a sequence of disease course. Hepatitis A and E are generally classified as acute and can recover in a short time. Meanwhile, hepatitis B, C, and D, including chronic diseases (chronic) and need special ongoing treatment to deal with it. Administration of hepatitis drugs must be adjusted to the type of hepatitis and the level of infection being suffered. Before intending to take hepatitis medications, it is important to consult a doctor about the symptoms you are feeling, in order to plan the treatment that will be undertaken. Hepatitis A Hepatitis A treatment can use other types of hepatitis drugs that work to relieve symp
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Ingredients and Benefits of Carambola for Body Health

Star fruit or star fruit is preferred because of its distinctive and refreshing tropical flavor. Not only that, you can also take the benefits of star fruit, especially for the health of your body. Come on, recognize the contents and benefits of the following star fruit! Star fruit or Averrhoa carambola is a golden yellow tropical fruit with a distinctive taste and shape like a star. To eat this fruit, you don't need to peel it. Simply washed and cut according to taste, then you can enjoy it as a fruit salad dish, pickles, or fruit juice. Not only enjoyed as a dessert, you also need to know a variety of ingredients and benefits of star fruit for health. Ingredients and Benefits of Carambola for Health Before you know the benefits of star fruit for health, you need to know what ingredients are found in fruit with this unique shape. Some of the ingredients are very beneficial for health, but there are also content of star fruit that you should be aware of such as oxalic acid an

Renin Enzyme Function Related to Kidney Condition and Blood Pressure

The renin enzyme is made by special cells in the kidney. This enzyme can control blood pressure and various other physiological functions of the body. Not surprisingly, the function of the renin enzyme is closely related to the health of one's body. The renin enzyme is made by special cells in the kidney. Renin together with the aldosterone hormone produced by the adrenal glands, and several other substances, play a role in regulating blood pressure by balancing the levels of sodium and potassium in the blood and the level of fluid in the body. Relating to Kidney and Blood Pressure The renin enzyme and the occurrence of high blood pressure caused by other health problems (secondary hypertension), are thought to have a close relationship with the possibility of kidney disease suffered. Because, a person suffering from kidney disease will lack blood flow, and cause excess renin production in the body. This high amount of renin triggers other substances in the body, especially a

Beware of hyperparathyroidism, abnormalities in the parathyroid gland

Compared to men, women have more risk of experiencing parathyroid gland abnormalities, namely hyperparathyroidism. This risk is getting higher with increasing age, especially at the age of 60 years and over. The surface of the parathyroid gland is smooth, shaped like a bean. Parathyroid gland, behind the thyroid gland. The color of the parathyroid gland is light brown or darker brown. There are four parathyroid glands. The task of this gland is to help control the amount of calcium in the blood. If the body has a lack of calcium, the parathyroid gland will produce parathyroid hormone which will take calcium from the bones. Types of hyperparathyroidism Hyperparathyroidism occurs when the parathyroid gland is overactive. Can be experienced one of several parathyroid glands. This condition often does not cause specific symptoms. Although symptoms appear, sometimes they are almost similar to symptoms in other health conditions, such as feeling tired, weak, the body feels pain and moo

Natural sleeping pills are not necessarily safer

Natural sleeping pills are an alternative choice for overcoming sleep difficulties and getting quality sleep. Natural sleeping pills are often intended as herbal medicines, supplements, certain foods or drinks. However, natural sleeping pills are not necessarily safer. Natural sleeping pills are widely used as triggers for drowsiness and to overcome sleep difficulties such as insomnia. This drug is often used as an alternative because chemical sleeping pills are thought to cause side effects to health. Choice of natural sleeping pills Some natural sleeping pills that are expected to make users sleep soundly, include: Calcium Calcium intake can be obtained from consuming milk. Drink a glass of warm milk before bedtime which can help the formation of melatonin in the brain. Although it still requires further clinical evidence, warm milk also provides a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere to close the eyes. Chamomile This herbal plant has been popular for centuries as a natural sl